Yearning for more love in your relationship?

Chances are that if you have landed on this page then you are looking for information regarding relationships, or perhaps more specifically, to find ways to make your relationship better and stronger. If that is so then you have come to the right place.

Want to feel heard, listened to and understood?  

The qualities and characteristics that tend to be there in exceptionally satisfying and rewarding relationships are generally universal. However, if these qualities are not there in your relationship at the moment, take heart, they can be learnt, or to be more accurate, acquired.

Better communication?

There are two things needed to make your relationship more the way you want it to be. The first is to acquire the knowledge and understanding of how to do it. The second is to develop the ability to put it into practice.

Genuine intimacy?

This website can provide you with information about the various ways that you can access the skills, experience and wisdom accumulated by Hal Kennedy, principal of The Relationship Clinic.

Hal has spent more than 30 years supporting couples to build stronger more satisfying relationships. He loves seeing couples become closer, more intimate and affectionate..


Take This Opportunity

By giving yourself the opportunity to work with Hal and The Relationship Clinic you are accessing many years of experience, and arguably, the most effective relationship help available.

Meet Hal

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What our clients say

“Hal Kennedy is a relaxed and easy going counsellor. He taught us useful, practical techniques to resolve issues. After three sessions Kate and I got engaged to be married! Thanks Hal.”

– Warren Saky

“We laugh often as we pull out wee sayings and strategies from our sessions with you, and we chat about you often. Your help and guidance has been a real saving grace for us Hal, and we are so thankful!”

– Sam Silby

“Things are going really well with us and many of the communication tools you taught us are second nature now. So a huge thanks to you – I really don’t think we’d be at this place in our lives and so excited about the future without you. So glad that we decided that counselling was worth a shot!”

– Warren Saky


For the day (6+ hours) plus 3 x 1 hour Skype sessions

Major credit cards accepted.
Payment plans available.

NZ$ 2295

/ month




AU$ 2760

/ month



The Process

Hal’s approach is multifaceted, and is based on practical guidance and coaching in a warm and safe environment.

Timing and availability

Commencing approx. 9am through to 5, 6 or 7pm. The programme concludes when it finishes. This may be 5 pm. It may be 9pm. It could be 11 pm.


Hal’s support can be provided through

Couples Counselling  

Skilled face to face interaction is part of the process that supports couples to gain a greater understanding of how to be in their relationship more intimately and affectionately.


Hal also offers, flexible Skype counselling sessions for couples who live in other areas or those who are unable to present in person because of child care or health related issues.

Couples Retreats

Also available are intensive one and two day workshops for couples who seek comprehensive in-depth relationship support. These retreats provide the necessary tools required to change your relationship dynamics.


Take action and improve your relationship


If you’re struggling to find a time that suits, Hal is more than happy to arrange sessions via Skype.