Doing relationships well, can be really difficult at times

 and now with the potential increase in stress and uncertainty as a result of the current coronavirus Covid 19 shutdown, maybe even more so. 

The need to feel heard, listened to, and understood

is universal and when those qualities are present can lead to exceptionally satisfying and rewarding relationships.

However during times of increased tension and stress, like the current lockdown , with increased financial pressures, managing children at home and not knowing what the future might bring, some couples may well be finding it incredibly difficult to experience those qualities at the moment.

It is really important if that is the case, to seek professional help and to seek it from those who have the skills and experience to provide it in a way that works for you.

Hal Kennedy from the Relationship Clinic who, with more than 30 years experience and a track record of successfully supporting couples to achieve rewarding, satisfying and fulfilling relationships is one such person.

Hal is currently available to support couples through his online presence

Better communication

of course is the catch cry of every relationship advice book, magazine and article. It is the foundation stone of a rewarding relationship.

Communication leads to a way of being together that can lift a relationship from despairing, to manageable and ultimately to delightful. Effective communication is almost an art form, and although the basics can be taught easily, the detail and the nuances which are what take a relationship to the next level can most effectively be acquired through demonstration, discussion and coaching.

Genuine intimacy

that sense of ultimate connectedness that we call “intimacy” can really only really be experienced in its fullest when a genuine sense of safety is experienced.

This requires that the interactions and communication that we engage in, in our relationship, demonstrate caring, compassion and understanding at all times. 

And with the uncertainty, the tensions and the added pressures of life with Covid 19 those qualities can be hard to put into practise.

It is at times like this that seeking outside support in the form of relationship counselling and coaching can be vital to preserving the relationship.

So take that step to make your relationship better

Please do reach out for the support that will turn your relationship around

Hal Kennedy, Principal of The Relationship Clinic who has spent more than 32 years and counting, supporting many thousands of couples to build stronger more satisfying relationships can provide that support.

The expertise that Hal has acquired as a result of those many years of experience now means that couples themselves, through working with him online, can quickly and effectively develop the skills and strategies they need to make their relationships more rewarding, satisfying and fulfilling.

Hal loves seeing couples nurture their relationship in ways that cause them to become closer, more affectionate and more intimate in the process.

Hal’s successful experience with online relationship counselling and coaching means that even through the current Covid 19 shutdown situation, those couples seeking relationship help can continue to access the support and guidance that they may be seeking.