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Huge numbers of people have read books, magazines, articles and blog posts. Listened to audio tapes and podcasts. Watched Youtube videos and TEDx presentations in the vain hope that if they get enough information, if they truly get a handle on what it takes and truly understand it fully then they may be able to make their relationship better. And a very, very few may actually achieve that, at least to some degree. 

However, for the vast majority, experience says that is not how it will work out. For the vast majority there will be discussions with their partner about what’s missing in their relationship, what needs to be done, how they will do it better and then, for the most part, nothing much will change. 

There may be a slight improvement for some for a short while, then the same old stuff happens, the same old patterns reassert themselves. 

So, something different needs to happen.

Knowledge, awareness and understanding are great and very useful. However there is something more, involved in the overall equation of behaviour change and relationship improvement and that “something more” is usually a pattern of habitual, deep seated, unhelpful behaviours. Sometimes those unhelpful behaviours have just arisen as a habit and the habit has taken hold. Sometimes however those unhelpful behaviours are more than that, they are behaviours that can be held in place by values and beliefs that were taken on board at a much earlier stage in life and can therefore be really difficult to change. 

And yes, behaviour change can be difficult at times, but difficult is not impossible and possible starts to happen when particular skills and strategies are employed appropriately. 

Now, Why Would You Listen to Me?

That’s a good question to be asking right now. After all, I could be just another source of confusing information. 

But I’m not.

My name is Hal Kennedy...

And I have spent more than 30 years working as a counsellor, therapist, educator, facilitator, family dispute resolution mediator and clinical supervisor.

For those 30 plus years I have been training, coaching, supporting, encouraging and at times almost willing couples and individuals to do their relationships better.

After all those years of working with couple, parent/child, family, social and work place relationships I am steeped in an understanding of what makes relationships of all sorts work, what gets in the way and what’s happening when they don’t work effectively. 

And most importantly from those many years of experience I have developed and tailored a range of skills and strategies that enable me to respectfully effect the behaviour change that results in more rewarding and fulfilling relationships. 


Change the way you interact with each other and your relationship will change. 

What others have said...

Thank you...

Thank you for the counseling session yesterday, Hal. For the first time in what feels like (and might actually be) months, I felt heard. I felt that I could share how I feel and that I could feel what I feel. With less fear of judgment & with fewer preemptions of chastisement or questioning, I slowly felt more open to simply be. I felt safer. And, even through my tears, I felt I could breathe a bit easier, relax and let my guard down. Surprisingly, with this feeling (that I was truly being heard and that my feelings mattered), I in turn felt I was more open to listen to, understand, and empathize with Alexey. Thank you.


Things are going really well...

Things are going really well with us and many of the communication tools you taught us are second nature now. So a huge thanks to you Hal.

Jenny McFadden

Thank you Hal...

Thank you Hal - We laugh often as we pull out wee sayings and strategies from our sessions with you, and we chat about you often.

Sam Silby.

Excited about the future...

I really don’t think we’d be at this place in our lives and so excited about the future now. So glad that we decided that counselling was worth a shot!


I got engaged...

Hal is a relaxed and easy going counsellor. He taught us useful, practical techniques to resolve issues. After three sessions Kate and I got engaged to be married! Thanks Hal.

Warren Saky

There are other counsellors available who can provide counselling support should you not wish to work with me, however should you choose to work with me this is what I offer. 

If you join with me, you will enter into a hands on, indepth journey where you will experience me in the various roles of coach, counsellor, mentor or therapist who will invite, encourage, support and guide you through the process involved in achieving the more rewarding relationship that you and your partner yearn for.

If you truly engage in this process you will experience a more caring, loving, fulfilling and rewarding relationship. I guarantee that.


I am based in Wellington (here is a link to my Wellington website) I love my work and its myriad different dynamics. I travel extensively. I have family in Wanaka whom I visit regularly.  

Over the many years of my work I have offered a percentage of my work on a no cost, pro bono basis. For some of my work I have offered a reduced fee and I will continue with both.

Currently fees are $210 per 1.25 hour session, commensurate with my experience and the effectiveness of my work.Face to face appointments can be arranged in Wanaka or Queenstown for those times I am visiting.

Skype sessions can be arranged for other mutually agreeable times.

Is it time to make that change?

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I also offer one, two and three day exclusive retreat experiences for individual couples (see link here