Hal Kennedy - Your Guide

About Hal

For more than 30 years I have been encouraging, coaching, supporting, training and at times almost willing couples and individuals to do their relationships better.

I have worked as a counsellor, therapist, educator, facilitator, family dispute resolution mediator, trainer and clinical supervisor, all with the focus of encouraging and supporting people to do their relationships better. 

Because of the indepth understanding I have acquired after all those years of working with couple, parent/child, family, social and work place relationships I have a pretty good idea of what makes relationships of all sorts work well and what’s getting in the way when they don’t work well.

And most importantly, from those many years of experience I have formulated a significant range of expertise, skills and strategies that enable me to respectfully but firmly support couples to make the changes that enable them to experience more rewarding and fulfilling relationships.

  • I am a Member of The New Zealand Association of Counsellors
  • The New Zealand Arbitrators and Mediators Institute
  • An Accredited Clinical Supervisor
  • An Accredited Family Dispute Resolution Mediator
  • An Accredited Family Court Counsellor
  • An accredited Preparation For Mediation Provider 

I trained as a counsellor, educator and facilitator with Marriage Guidance NZ and went on to become Trainer, Supervisor and Clinical Team Leader, for Relationship Services a national counselling organisation later known as Relationships Aotearoa.

My philosophy: 

Change the way you interact with others and they will change the way they interact with you

My aim is to support couples to develop the skills, strategies and expertise that will enable them to create more respectful, rewarding and satisfying relationships for themselves and their children.


If you join with me as a couple you will enter into a hands on, in depth journey where you will experience me in the various roles of coach, counsellor, mentor or therapist who will invite, encourage, support and guide you through the process involved in achieving the relationship that you and your partner truly desire.


If you truly engage in this process you will experience a more caring, loving, fulfilling and rewarding relationship. I guarantee that.