More affection, caring and intimacy?

Wanting a relationship where you feel

Heard, Accepted, Understood?  
Valued, Appreciated, Respected?
Loved, Cherished, Desired?

If your relationship is not currently going well, chances are you will need more than a “few tips” or good old “relationship advice” to make it better. You will probably need skilled and appropriate support, usually best provided in a coaching/counselling format. Getting on top of any relationship issues is best done through guidance, demonstration and modelling. That means that you can be in a position to “test it as you go” kind of way.


This process is very effective, with couples experiencing significant beneficial changes in their relationship interactions almost immediately. Couples can have a clear idea of what is possible by the end of their first session and can often achieve all they initially need within 2 or 3 sessions. 

Relationships can be many things. 

Sometimes exquisitely delightful and at other times hideously painful. Knowing how to move from painful to delightful is what this website is about. 

Hal Kennedy - Your Guide

Meet your guide. 

Hal Kennedy is a skilled and experienced counsellor, coach, facilitator, mediator, trainer and supervisor who has worked with group and couple dynamics for more than 30 years.

Hal loves working with couples who wish to bring something magical back into their lives and their relationships. Those couples who wish to recreate some of the essence that was there for them when they first entered into their relationship and who are prepared to do what it takes to create it afresh.

His aim is to support people to develop the skills, strategies and expertise that will enable them to create more respectful, rewarding and satisfying relationships for themselves and their children.

Hal is one of the most skilled and experienced relationship counsellors available. His couple’s counselling and couples workshops have brought hope and relief to many couples and their families.


Face to face counselling

Enables effective and long lasting relationship changes to be made in even the most difficult and entrenched relationship dynamics.


For those couples who have difficulty organising child care or travel arrangements for face to face counselling.




Ideal for those couples who have the time and who wish to quickly and effectively make positive changes to their relationship dynamics.