Sapphire and Emerald Relationship


These relationship strengthening programmes are designed specifically to coach and support couples to fully understand each other’s needs and desires and enable them to truly be there for each other no matter what the situation.

The Sapphire Relationship Programme



  • Two nights luxury accommodation.

One full day (7 plus hours) of in person therapy, counselling and coaching. (This is to you personally, as a couple, in private, just the two of you working with me on your own).

  • Three follow up personal support sessions (via skype) spread over the following three months.

  • And access to me via phone conversations at any time over the next twelve months.

The Sapphire Relationship Programme is a highly intensive one day experience based entirely on your current relationship situation. It is ideal for those who have limited time availability and who want to quickly make significant improvements in their relationship. 

Usually held in a retreat setting with accommodation provided for 2 nights, the Sapphire Programme is a day long event that commences around 9 am and runs as long as it takes. That maybe 5 pm, 7 pm or 9 pm that evening 

This is a therapeutic programme which draws its content and focus from your needs, aspirations and current relationship situation.

I will work with you as a couple, however there may also be times where I will ask to work with one or both of you individually.

This process raises awareness of unhelpful relationship dynamics and aids the adaptation and integration of more helpful relationship behavioural patterns.

The Emerald Relationship Programme



  • Four nights luxury accommodation 

  • Three full days of rest, relaxation, sightseeing and exploring, interspersed with 12 hours of in person therapy, counselling, coaching and education.

  • Four follow up personal support sessions (via Skype) spread over the following 4 months.

  • And, access to me via phone conversations at any time over the next twelve months.

The Emerald Relationship Programme is an indepth, three day immersive experience suitable for those who have the time and are seeking a retreat type experience within which to enhance their relationship.

Usually including four nights accommodation at the venue, it allows couples time to effectively anchor new learnings and behavioural changes within a theoretical framework which of itself, encourages a more fuller acceptance and adaptation of new ways of relating with each other. 

It is widely accepted that a relaxing environment away from the habitual patterns of daily life enhances our ability to be open to new ideas and new ways of doing things.

The Emerald Programme has a similar therapeutic focus to the Sapphire Programme however its longer time frame allows for the inclusion of an educative, theoretical aspect that adds to the couple’s skills and expertise as they work toward making their relationship more loving, caring and fulfilling. 

And the three days and four nights away from the rush and tumble of normal daily life are a refreshing reminder of how our life and relationships can be.

P.S. Just think. One year from today.

The real question is…where will you be?    


Will you have arrived at the first anniversary of the best, most fantastic year of your relationship, feeling delighted, excited and filled with joy.

Or will you have arrived at the end of another year of frustration, hurt and disappointment, still trying to manage this relationship that is sort of ok but could be so much more. 

By undertaking to work with Hal you will be taking a major step toward a different future, where your relationship is the source of joy, delight and promise for the future.  

Maybe your hesitation is about having sufficient funds available at the present time?  

For those for whom this is so, then a payment plan may be the way to make it possible to experience the relationship that you yearn for and deserve.