Would you like your relationship to be more satisfying, respectful and loving? 

Do you want to feel more cared for, listened to and understood?

It is possible even if you’ve tried and failed many times before. 

Difficult to believe. I can understand that. 

But possible? Yes, absolutely. There are many who have already succeeded.

Hello there,

Relationships can be really tough at times. I get that. It’s true that many, many couples will spend huge amounts of money on counselling, therapy and workshops in an endeavour to make their relationship special again.


A few (a very few) will succeed totally.


A few more will struggle along in unspoken sadness, neither experiencing the joy and delight of total success, nor the demoralizing impact of failure.

Most will fail. Frustratingly and repeatedly.

Perhaps you have already experienced one of these failures, after all, most of us have.


Maybe you know what it’s like to put a huge amount of effort into doing the right thing, trying to avoid an argument, trying to see your partner’s point of view, trying not to lose your cool, only to end up feeling frustrated and angry, again and again and again!


You do your very best, trying desperately to conjure up that sense of harmony and fulfillment that you used to feel in your relationship, but you end up in the same sad, hurtful, distressed, emotional space regardless

Maybe you have suffered this sense of hopelessness and despair more than once. Maybe you feel that no matter how hard you try, you will never get it right, never say the right thing, never achieve that harmonious connection that you yearn for.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Don’t feel bad - you’re not alone, and it’s not your fault.

The reason for your frustration is not a lack of willpower, it’s not gullibility, and it’s not a moral failing on your part.

The reason why you can’t seem to achieve that easy, loving, relaxed kind of relationship is really quite simple, and even easy to change. (and believe me, yes it is possible to change). 

What has held you back is simply that you, like most of us, will have learned to respond to upsetting events and emotional situations in your relationship in ways which are often unhelpful and sometimes downright disastrous.

Also, some of how you do respond may well at times trigger your partner’s “own stuff” which then means you are then dealing with a dimension that has very little to do with the original issue.

This is what causes some couples to say “we seemed to start out arguing about (ABC for example) but after a while, we are just arguing, seemingly about everything”.

But please, please do not blame yourself or those you grew up with. You, like all of us, have simply been doing the best you can with the skills and experience that you have available to you at this time.

What you have not had is the right opportunity, the right situation, the right skills, the right experiences, the right strategies and the right environment to make it possible.

When you start to get these things “right” then change starts to happen. Change comes about when certain things come together in the right way, with the right strategies and the right guide to lead the way.

Think about that.

Let it soak in.

What that means is that despite your best, most heartfelt efforts and good intentions, you may not have been getting the results that you could have, the results that you should have, or the results that you deserve. Once you get a handle on that it can all be very different.

Now, Why Would You Listen to Me?

That’s a good question to be asking right now. After all, I could just be another source of confusing information. But I’m not. 

My name is Hal Kennedy and I have spent more than 30 years working as a counsellor, therapist, educator, facilitator and mediator.


  1. am a Member of New Zealand Association of Counsellors
  2. The New Zealand Arbitrators and Mediators Institute
  3. A Clinical Supervisor
  4. An accredited Family Dispute Resolution Mediator
  5. An accredited Family Court counsellor
  6. An accredited Preparation For Mediation Provider 

For those 30 plus years

I have been training, coaching, supporting, encouraging and at times almost willing couples and individuals to do their relationships better.


And I will state categorically that with the right tools and the right guide
 to keep you on track, you too can experience the level of caring,
 compassion and fulfilment that you yearn for in your relationship. 

It really is simple. 

But maybe not obvious. The truth is, though, every great accomplishment involves doing “something” effectively and if we don’t instinctively know how to do that something effectively, then we need to learn how. Sometimes that’s not obvious to us.


Sometimes we think others were just born with the ability to magically have a great relationship... 

Most of us weren’t. At one time, virtually every couple started right where you are right now. There’s no reason holding you back from the same kind of success that some others already enjoy. And there’s even better news: you can enjoy that success faster, better, and easier than those who came before you.  


Because we now have; 

The Gem Stone Range of 

Relationship Programmes


Currently these are:

The Sapphire Relationship Programme


The Emerald Relationship Programme


If You Are able to Converse (which I know you can) and if you truly want to, then you too, can have the loving, fulfilling, caring relationship that you yearn for, and that at times you might almost ache for. 


Maybe you feel like you’ve tried to make your relationship better before, but it has just never worked out. So you’re probably fairly sceptical about some kind of programme being the answer to the hurt, frustration, and disappointment that you may have experienced at times. 


But these programmes are different, because these programmes involve a level of active coaching and support that virtually ensures success. Right down to detailed coaching support in the moment, while you are conversing with your partner, such as,


"try doing it this way, instead of the way you usually do it” or 

“try saying this, instead of rolling your eyes like you were going to do”.

When you participate in either the Sapphire or Emerald Relationship Programme, you will:

Discover what you must do before you even think about trying to explain why you did what your partner is complaining about.

Understand exactly how to stay cool, calm and collected even in the most difficult conversations, even when you feel you are being criticised or verbally attacked, it’s not as tough as you think (and it’s probably different than you think, too)!

Learn the secret to getting your own way and having your partner feel good about it too. (and when you both feel good, your relationship will feel good too).

Identify how to feel safe, secure, loved and valued in your relationship. (this is a very different approach to that usually suggested, which sometimes only makes things worse).

These are the same secrets I’ve used over the past thirty years, to enable an almost endless stream of couples to bring the love, the joy and the intimacy back into their relationships. And I know those relationship strategies will work for you too!

Here’s what other people have said about these Gem Stone Relationship Programmes

Thank you Hal - We laugh often as we pull out wee sayings and strategies from our sessions with you, and we chat about you often.

Sam Silby.

Things are going really well with us and many of the communication tools you taught us are second nature now. So a huge thanks to you Hal.

Jenny McFadden

I really don’t think we’d be at this place in our lives and so excited about the future now. So glad that we decided that counselling was worth a shot!


Hal is a relaxed and easy going counsellor. He taught us useful, practical techniques to resolve issues. After three sessions Kate and I got engaged to be married! Thanks Hal.

Warren Saky

Just think what it would be like to feel so delighted, excited and thankful, that you might be prompted to write your own note of appreciation? Imagine that sensation! Imagine how you would feel about your relationship.

When you commit to participating in these Relationship Programmes. Here is exactly what you are going to get:

A blending of two of the world’s most powerful relationship therapy models that cut through the innate resistance to change that is there in us all.

The oh so simple way to build empathy and develop trust in any given situation.

The reason why you should never try to explain why you did something before you do this!

You will learn the strange truth about how not getting defensive, directly increases your ability to feel secure and stay safe, and you will learn how to do it easily!

The ability to stay cool, calm and connected without getting involved in a pointless argument

My proven 3 step strategy to resolve a potentially difficult situation and avoid being drawn into an argument – it’s as simple as 123!

The counter intuitive secrets about fulfilling relationships that just seem too good to be true – But they’re not!

And I’ll even show you how to get more of the love you want in less time than you could ever have imagined – not only is it possible, it’s easier to do it this way!

And that is only the beginning...

After you have experienced The Sapphire or Emerald Relationship Programme what once appeared dark and mysterious will become clear and easy!


You see these Relationship Programmes are not a set piece of information about relationships that we work through one step after another. They are personalised programmes specifically tailored to the particular needs of you and your partner. They are an in depth, ongoing, exploration of the dynamics of your own particular relationship, which is then followed by consistent, intensive coaching to make the changes that you both would like to achieve and experience in your relationship.


Uncovering the dynamics of your relationship, (i.e. what’s working, what’s not)? is achieved in a very low key conversational manner.


Here are some of the questions that we might address as we explore your relationship dynamics:


How is your communication – is it respectful, caring, supportive, or is it at times, abrupt, critical, disrespectful or controlling?


Are you both happy with the level of intimacy in your relationship? Would either of you like something to be different? 


How much empathy does there seem to be? Would you like to build that quality and experience greater levels of empathy? 


It’s important to be able to take care of your personal needs, can you both do that in a way that also takes care of your relationship? 


How well do you both do when trying to manage your anger? Is one of you concerned about your own or your partner's anger? Do you know how to stay calm in the face of provocative, angry behaviour? 


Sex – are you both OK with your sexual relationship? Would you like it to be different in some way? 


Do you feel respected? Does your partner know how you feel? Can you tell them? Do they listen? 


Parenting – are you both on the same page? Could this be improved in some way? 


Inlaws – how hard/easy are they to be around? 


Are your individual personality styles able to flourish within the relationship? Or does one of you feel overly ignored or constrained?

These are just some of the points that we may explore as we go through the programme and as we identify areas where you might like things to change. 


Then we continue, as part of that conversation to commence the process of coaching and analysis that facilitates and draws out the desired changes. 


My many years of working with couples to address these and other relationship issues has provided me with a vast array of coaching and change enhancing techniques. Those many years of experience have also taught me that if couples really want to improve their relationship, then their determination, combined with perceptive, skilful coaching can ensure their success. 


To find out more about the cost and availability of these relationship transforming programmes

Follow this link ............

How Much Does It Cost

You’re smart. You looked around and you know that other Relationship Rejuvenation Programmes cost many thousands of dollars.

And I truly believe that by now you can see it would be worth whatever it takes to achieve the fulfilling relationship that you now know is possible.

In fact, I believe that both The Sapphire and The Emerald Relationship Programme are worth a multiple of those other Programmes, if only because of the amount of specific, detailed, personal coaching you each receive.

Think about this...

If the only benefit you received from participating in The Diamond Relationship Programme was an improvement in intimacy in your relationship, that would be worth what? $1000, $2000, $5000, but we all know that the quality of intimacy has value beyond any dollars.


If the only benefit was better communication in your relationship that would be worth what? 

Yes, an unfathomable amount.


If the only benefit was a better, healthier environment for your children to grow up in, that would be worth, what other incalculable amount? 


If the only benefit was a fair sharing of household and childcare duties, that would be worth what?


If the only benefit was to re-establish a level of caring, consideration and thoughtfulness that used to be there in your relationship, that would be worth? Yes, we know. 


The good news is that both The Sapphire Relationship Programme and The Emerald Relationship Programme offer every single one of those things, and more!


But I’m not even going to think about suggesting you pay whatever incalculable amount they might all add up to. 

I am currently offering the following

The Sapphire Relationship Programme


This includes

  • Two nights luxury accommodation, 
  • One full day (6 plus hours) of in person therapy, counselling and coaching. (This is to you personally, as a couple, in private, just the two of you working with me on your own).
  • Three follow up personal support sessions (via skype) spread over the following three months.
  • And access to me via phone conversations at any time over the next twelve months.
The Emerald Relationship Programme


  • This includes four nights of luxury accommodation 
  • Three full days of rest, relaxation, sightseeing and exploring, interspersed with 12 hours  of in person therapy, counselling, coaching and education.
  • Four follow up personal support sessions (via Skype) spread over the following 4 months
  • And, access to me via phone conversations at any time over the next twelve months.

The reason why it’s this inexpensive is simple:

By providing the ongoing support programme via Skype some costs can be reduced, but most importantly after more than 30 years of helping couples to do their relationships better, seeing them enjoying each other more, seeing them doing their parenting more effectively, I just get an incredible level of satisfaction and fulfillment from this work. 


Also at this stage in my life, where I have most of what I need, I am content if I only earn enough to be able to continue to travel and support couples to do their relationships better as I have been doing for these past many years. 

At this point, I am unsure how long I will be in a position to offer these programmes in this format or indeed, continue to offer the programmes at all. 

Currently the programmes are being offered at...

Westwood House

in Greytown, Wairarapa

 Te Whau Lodge

on Waiheke Island 

And, sadly these programmes may not be for everyone. 

There will be some who after reading this say

"we don't need a programme, we should be able to sort this ourselves"

and I say to them "yes ideally" however some of us can't get there by ourselves, some of us need extra support.

For those who are willing to seek support to create a more rewarding and fulfilling relationship the following characteristics may be helpful.

Ideally participants will have an open mind and be willing to accept that there are many perceptions of particular relationship situations and that their perception is just one of them.

They will be open to developing and expanding their own level of emotional intelligence, and 

They will be willing to explore and consider other ways of responding to difficult relationship situations.

I invite those who are willing to explore these areas, to talk with your partner, discuss the many benefits that are available to couples who participate in these programmes and identify those benefits that would be of particular importance to you.


Therefore my proposal is: 


Follow the Email Hal link and schedule a phone conversation with Fme. There you can talk through your current relationship dynamics i.e. what’s working what’s not, get a more indepth understanding of the programmes and I will be able to ascertain whether either of the programmes would be appropriate for you as a couple. 

Follow the Email Hal link and schedule a phone conversation with Fme. There you can talk through your current relationship dynamics i.e. what’s working what’s not, get a more indepth understanding of the programmes and I will be able to ascertain whether either of the programmes would be appropriate for you as a couple. 

Talk with your partner, discuss the many benefits that are available to couples who participate in the programme and identify those benefits that would be of particular importance to you both.

Talk with your partner, discuss the many benefits that are available to couples who participate in the programme and identify those benefits that would be of particular importance to you both.


Talk with your partner, discuss the many benefits that are available to couples who participate in the programme and identify those benefits that would be of particular importance to you both.


Follow the Email Hal link and schedule a phone conversation with me. There you can talk through your current relationship dynamics i.e. what’s working what’s not, get a more indepth understanding of the programmes and I will be able to ascertain whether either of the programmes would be appropriate for you as a couple. 


Following that conversation I will send you,

Absolutely FREE! 

This best selling book:


Getting The Love You Want

It is written by Dr Harville Hendrix, Phd, who has demonstrated his change making “Relationship Therapy” on The Oprah Winfrey Show, 

This book will ensure that you will always have easy access to the knowledge that will enable you to keep your relationship as a Gem Style Relationship. Plus: 


  1. You’ll know exactly how to avoid the top communication mistakes that can destroy your plans and dreams – and how to ensure that you never make those mistakes again. 
  2. You get the lowdown on how to look after your relationship whilst still looking after yourself. 
  3. You’ll learn the surprising secrets of how to get more of what you want and strengthen your relationship, by doing the total opposite of what most people think!  


Email, call or txt me to schedule the dates where you can experience your very own relationship enhancing Sapphire or Emerald Relationship Programme. 




These Relationship Change Programmes are the most amazingly simple way to grow your relationship into the loving, caring, fulfilling experience that you could ever dream of. 

And you also get a 100%, Money Back, Guarantee for the Programme. 


This means that, if after the 1st 3 hours of the programme you are not happy with the experience and you decide that the Programme is not for you. Just let me know and I will refund the programme fee in full AND you can still stay in the luxury accommodation that is part of the package. 


I really do encourage you to order now and avail yourself of this no risk, no obligation opportunity. 


Because of my many years of experience, I believe so strongly in the effectiveness of my work and the Sapphire and Emerald Relationship Programmes that I am willing to effectively offer you what amounts to A FREE TRIAL. 


Right now, you don’t even need to be totally sure, because IT’S RISK FREE. No probing, no pressure, just 100% of the programme fee returned to you if you are not happy. Guaranteed.

So please take advantage of this wonderful, relationship enhancing offer. Take the opportunity to live in the sort of relationship that you’ve dreamed of with absolutely no risk whatsoever.

It Is Decision Time

You’re standing at the crossroads.  

Of the two roads before you, the one on the left is the road you’ve been traveling…your current relationship, maybe kind of rough, uphill, rocky at times, with some pain, some heartache, at times even despair. On the right, is the relationship you yearn for and the relationship you deserve. It is more joyful, more harmonious, more intimate. You can see there are greater levels of caring and compassion. You know this is for you. You’ve dreamed of it time and time again. This is the more loving, more caring, more fulfilling road to relationship happiness and connectedness. The right road will lead to you and your partner learning and putting into practice the skills, strategies and expertise that will allow you both to feel listened to, valued, loved and cared for. 

P.S. Just think. One year from today, you will certainly “arrive”. The real question is…    


Will you have arrived at the first anniversary of the best, most fantastic year of your relationship, feeling delighted, excited and filled with joy…


Or will you have arrived at the end of another year of sadness and hurt and disappointment, still trying to manage this relationship that is sort of ok, but could be so much more. By participating in The Diamond Relationship Programme you will be taking a major step toward a different future, where your relationship is the source of joy and delight and promise for the future. 


Maybe your hesitation is about having sufficient funds available at the present time? Even though these Relationship Programmes and the accompanying accommodation is incredibly great value for money, finding that amount of money all at once may be an issue for some.  


For those for whom this is so, then a payment plan may be the way to make it possible to experience the relationship that you yearn for and deserve.

For those who hesitate because the overall cost is a serious issue (and at times that can be so for many of us) then various other alternatives may be possible.   


Hal is very aware that this may be the case for some and he has in the past been open to negotiating times and locations that have fitted in with his travel schedule that have resulted in an overall reduction of the cost by more than 40%. 


Should you wish to explore this avenue then please email Hal and outline your circumstances, i.e. where you live and your possible availability and Hal will then engage with you to ascertain what might be possible and when.

Hal is determined to make The Sapphire and Emerald Relationship Programmes and the joy, the love and the delight that follows, available to as many couples as possible.


One couple at a time

Hal realises that because of the time and cost involved, for some couples participating in a Relationship Retreat is just not possible.


So, if you know in your heart that you need to do something to make your relationship better, but circumstances mean that a Relationship Retreat is not possible, then access to Hal’s 30 plus years of accumulated expertise can be accessed via Skype. Working with Hal via Skype means that the time and cost can be more manageable and the help and support required to improve your relationship can often be available almost immediately.

For the sake of your relationship and your future, please do take action and many blessings to you both.

Kind regards Hal

Email Hal and take this first step to transform your relationship.